Lorentz Transformations Must be Removed from Physics

To see that Lorentz transformations lead to absurdities and therefore have no place in physics, one only needs to observe that the second set of equations in §6 of Einstein's original paper [1] link, obtained after applying the Lorentz transformations, contains velocity v, while the first set of equations in §6 of Einstein's paper [1] link does not contain velocity v. Clearly, after the Lorentz transformations, the physical law UNLAWFULLY IS AFFECTED.

The affecting of the physical law is UNLAWFUL because the very first postulate itself, called by Einstein himself the ``Principle of Relativity'', seen in §2 of his paper [1] link, lucidly mandates that the physical law IS NOT AFFECTED when that physical law is referred to the one or the other of the observed two inertial systems.

The ``Principle of Relativity'' is actually a law of nature discovered in the 17th century, which Einstein used to define his relativity.

This is a catastrophic contradiction between the outcome from the Lorentz transformations and the ``Principle of Relativity''. Science would under no circumstances allow a theory based on such a catastrophic contradiction. This unequivocally commands the removal from physics not only of Einstein's relativity, but also imperatively commands the removal from physics of any theory or progeny based on Lorentz transformations. No experiment therefore can ever validate such a physical absurdity, resulting from applying the Lorentz transformations, which most definitely conflicts with the laws of nature.


1) A. Einstein, Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Körper, Annalen der Physik, 17, 891-921 (1905) (English translation).

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