Letter to the 72 Members of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee of the European Union

6 December, 2019

An Important Science Issue

European Parliament
Committee on Industry, Research and Energy

Dear Member of the European Parliament,

I've been trying for some time to alert the community about the main danger dumped upon society by the continuous and on a large scale deceptive presentation of absurdities as ``big'' science and the European Commission falling for this deception by funding it generously with most of the money of the European taxpayer which is dedicated to funding science (cf. my recent press-conference at the Press Club Brussels Europe on the 29 October (link). Furthermore, the detriment of this travesty of presenting absurdities as ``big'' science does not consist only in squandering billions of taxpayer dollars and euro under the false pretense that this hard earned tax money has been spent to support science. In addition, it is irreparably damaging society intellectually. Most importantly, the real direct threat to our very existence on the planet earthis the insidious distortion of basic scientific notions and allowing for absurdities to govern intellectually, resulting in conditioning of the world to thinking that truth is only an invention, ergo, tolerating extreme and dangerous views, which can easily find extensions such as, for example, nonchalantly accepting that anything, say, a nuclear war, is only a metaphor and therefore should be of no concern.

This pernicious state of society is directly determined by said severe crisis in fundamental science amply aided financially by the European Union, unknowingly presenting it as funding science. Fundamental science is in crisis because of the gross pathological distortion of that funding, severely slanted toward funding of the parts based on absurdities. The disproportionate funding of the absurd part of physics, building of ever growing monstrous infrastructures to serve it, has not only created its own culture with an atavistic sense of self-preservation and gluttony for further expansion, thus robbing real science of societal resources, but is serving as a model for the rest of society to become numb to nonsense, allowing itself to be led down the garden path of ideas it would otherwise never think of adopting.

With this intellectual pathology governing, the world will not even have a chance to start solving its problems, if it does not correct its understanding of the basic scientific notions destroyed by institutionalized absurdities, let alone if it keeps funding activities aimed at maintaining on a massive scale that damaged erroneous understanding of basic scientific notions.

This flawed thinking, which the European Union is tricked into justifying by massive spending to sustain it, allowing for nonsense and absurdities to be called science, is reflected in distortions in major political thinking regarding scientific issues, presenting non-directly-confirmable claims, such as ``crystal clear science''. This leads to wasteful redirecting of the world's resources, limited to begin with, under more than questionable grounds.

For these claims there is no direct scientific proof for anyone to see with his or her own eyes, but only relies on propaganda-based opinion of external parties called ``97% of the scientists'' or presented as ``consensus of experts'', forgetting that truth in science is not determined by voting. These groups proclaimed as ``scientists'' are nothing else but dedicated opportunists who will never be able to produce for direct inspection conclusions which are 100% certain, but are very vocal in protecting their sourceof livelihood and equivocal prestige.

On the contrary,100% certain direct proof can be presented at once for anyone's inspection regarding the absurdity of the main segments of today's ``big'' science, for the funding of which the European Commission wastes most of its taxpayer money dedicated to science. I have made available these discoveries of mine in the public domain for over a decade, which, sadly, have been ignored altogether. That's too bad because this irresponsibility, to put it mildly, of ignoring unequivocal facts, badly stifles a precious opportunity to liberate the European taxpayer from being an intellectual slave to insanity, and would have released these funds to support real science, as well as to cover so may other real needs of the European Union.

The debased thinking, caused by presenting absurdities as science, which obviously finds its ultimate justification in the existing pseudoscience, which the European Union most avidly advocates and funds, is dangerously implemented even in the European Union legislation, as evidenced by Article 13 in the Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union, reading: ``The arts and scientific research shall be free of constraint. Academic freedom shall be respected.'' Obviously, as we see in this case, flawed science does matter here, at that in a most degrading way, even when legislation is concerned. There is nothing beyond what is considered as governing science, which today is pseudoscience when it comes to its basics, which can serve as the ultimate scientific justification of any important legislation and Article 13 is the worst case scenario in this respect.

Said Article 13 itself is a gross violation of the fundamental right the European peoples have, to be governed by truth and not by the frivolousness of absurdities.

Not only is tolerating absurdity, to which Article 13 has no objection, not respecting academic freedom, but to legislate that academic freedom is respected, while at the same time not constraining absurdity, as implied in Article 13, is a gross abuse of academic freedom. To say nothing of spending billions of dollars and euro on incoherent activities, cynically calling these absurdities ``scientific research''.

All my warnings so far have been ignored because my alert does not reflect the agenda of the day. In addition to staunchly preserving the status quo of science funding, independent of how poor the quality of supported science is, the political will is insidiously swayed toward an ever-growing, now overcrowded, gathering of opportunists and political tightrope balancers, at the expense of the real problems of the planet.

For the same reason, it would not be a surprise to me that this follow-up alert of mine will also be ignored, although it must be given full attention and put on top of every priority of the European Union.

Nevertheless, to make the story short and without much ado, I've come to realize that I must propose for those who would listen and really care about the future of Europe and the world, not some burdensome program but just one beginning, albeit, surprisingly, quite sufficient, step of a solution, consisting in the inclusion of the following sentence in the legislation of the European Union:

``No science project, which is a candidate for public funding, shall contain the Lorentz transformations in any way, shape or form.''

The sentence above may sound a bit complicated, let alone that it may not be immediately clear how this sentence is connected with such highly endowed and so seemingly well-looked into research (after all, billions of dollars and euro have been spent on it, Nobel prizes have been awarded) but it in actuality really does. I have applied special efforts to concentrate and define in one sentence the apparent complexity of the problem, so that it can find a prompt and efficient solution. In fact, the sentence is easy to understand after some insignificant effort for which I am available to aid the European Parliament, but its leverage and potential is so powerful that it would allow the solving of a large part of the momentous problems the funding of the so-called ``big'' science poses today. As a first step, it fixes, once and for all, the damage done to the fundamental notions of science, especially, to the concept of time and space. The inclusion of this sentence in the EU legislation removes any remnant of a basic absurdity contaminating physics, essentially amounting to something similar to the ridiculous nonsense that ``one equals two''. As it is very clear that no one would ever think of spending public money on research openly trying to prove that one might be equal to two, the same way no public money must be spent on any concealed way to do research on such insanity. With the introduction of the above sentence into its legislation, the European Union will no longer be funding nonsense and absurdities leading to non-physical hallucinations of curved space and changing of time rate and these notions will regain their real physical meaning. Besides, the term ``relativity'' will be understood correctly and it will never be perverted to mean that ``everything is relative''; that is, different, depending on the point of view (which is used by conscienceless doctrinaires to their evil ends), because it has never meant that in physics.

To understand the connection between the botched basic notions such as time and space on one hand and the political problems driving the main agenda of the European Union, consider first that the allowing of absurdities, destroying the correct meaning of time and space to pose as legitimate science, means to destroy the scientific method. Without the guidance of the scientific method society turns into an uncritical entity ready to fall prey to all kinds of manipulations and ``fake news'', as long as enough corrupt individuals are gathered to serve as advocates to the absurdity, presenting it as the utmost high knowledge. Such conditioned society is ready to adopt indoctrinations having any level of uncertainty and perceive them instead as ``crystal clear science'', and even get scared, falling into panic when someone manipulatively sets an alarm that their newly adopted ideals, no matter how false, are crushing. Cock-and-bull stories, false heroes, may easily overtake their imagination and even distract their normal mode of life and work. When a critical number of these indoctrinated individuals is reached, they may even be organized in mass movements, just due to mass psychosis, perceiving their battle scientifically justified, but in fact having nothing to do with science. Politicians may start riding on their wave, using them for their political ends.This is not only a waste, along with the tremendous waste these unfortunate victims support with their tax euro or dollars, only to sustain their own financial damage. Such state of society, as the state of our society is today, where logic, reason, scientific method do not matter, is an intellectual disaster. It is intellectual suppression, an intellectual yoke, with many further unforeseen destructive consequences, to say nothing of the resistance to correction. Intellectual damage is one of the hardest, if not impossible, to address. It may stay for life.

I hope that this alert would not fall entirely on deaf ears and will curb the charlatans calling themselves ``scientists'' from further enjoying their field day while damaging the minds and the pocketbook of the taxpayer and jeopardizing the world with extinction. Even if the extinction of the world caused by self-entanglement with absurdities, is postponed, the bungling of fundamental notion such as time, space and motion, which exists today in contemporary collective mind of the world due to the botched state of physics, is the evil kernel of all the rest of the social and political troubles of today's world. There will be no end to these troubles, and all efforts at solving them will be in vain or just palliative, if the thinking is allowed to be based on the destroyed fundamentals and basic notions. For instance, no real answer to the question of anthropogenic climate change can be expected if the basics of science themselves are flawed. Those who think that climate change can find proper scientific solution while the fundamental notions of science such as time, space and motion remain flawed, are badly mistaken because climate and its scientific study do not exist outside of time and space, and when space is wrongly perceived as curved, the scientific analysis of climate will inevitably also be distorted. Is the distorted analysis of climate going to provide viable solutions to the questions regarding the world's climate? I think not. No sane person would disagree with this. In any event, it should be clear that it cannot be expected that a hybrid science such as the science of climate would develop correctly if the fundamentals of the exact sciences are not only disturbed but are outright wrong and absurd, as they are today. If that sorry state of intellectual affairs in the European Union and the rest of the world is not promptly corrected and the current ``garden path'' of insanity is not abandoned and logic, reason and scientific method is not restored in the taxpayer-funded science, our common future will not be sunny.

In conclusion, I urge you to support the inclusion in the European legislation the above sentence, which I will repeat once again:

``No science project, which is a candidate for public funding, shall contain the Lorentz transformations in any way, shape or form.''

By including this sentence you will liberate the European Union and the world from the tyranny of one of the most intellectually suppressive and destructive mimicry of ideas which have invaded the world, and thus, will ensure a brighter future for your children for generations to come.


Vesselin C. Noninski, PhD
149 West 12thStreet
New York, New York 10011

P.S. Questions addressing peer-review and other matters may be seen in my Open Letter to Laura Kodruta Kovesi, Chief Prosecutor of the European Union by following the link: link