Ursula von der Leyen,
President of the European Commission

An Important Science Issue

14 December, 2019

European Commission
Ursula von der Leyen, President

Dear Mrs. Von der Leyen,

The European Commission makes a big mistake by ignoring the argument I have been presenting to it for some time now, unequivocally proving the deceptively advancing of absurdities as science of prime quality. This leads to wasteful spending of billions of taxpayer euro, which, instead, should be directed to supporting genuine science. Furthermore, instead of paying attention to unequivocal arguments proving that absurdities are being funded, thus squandering billions of euro which must go for real science as well as for other pressing needs of the Union, the European Commission accentuates marginal problems, in comparison, elevating them as the central theme of scientific discussion in the European Union. The real problems in science, allowing absurdities disguised as science to thrive, heftily endowed through elaborate deceit, are not even discussed, considering them all well and good.

Of course, the greed of the corporations must be curbed, but that must not be done by presenting uncertain findings as if they are ``crystal clear science'' and, based on such uncertainty, scaring little children that the world will soon end. As unacceptable as that misrepresentation is, it is even more unacceptable to tolerate and stimulate with billions of taxpayer euro absurd science proven by really crystal clear unequivocal arguments. Funding with billions of taxpayer euro of projects which evolve from absurdly, deriving that one body in one coordinate system obeys two different laws of motion at the same time, leads to intellectual genocide of the peoples of Europe and the world, in addition to the financial disaster of squandering these billions of taxpayer euro that must go for real science. To say nothing of the fact that when unequivocally provable science is neglected by the European Union, any talk concerning science, coming from the European Union, loses all credibility.

I have made the uncovering of this travesty of science, abundantly supported by the European Commission, publicly available for over a decade, and most recently I have presented it at a press-conference in the Press Club Brussels Europe on 29 October ( link ) I would be most happy to show it to you personally. Such meeting would allow you to see with your own eyes that the total ignoring of this catastrophic argument is not because it has no substance. Seeing the argument with your own eyes will prove to you personally that the total ignoring of said argument is not because it is not fatal for the continuation of the massive upkeep of the pathological science ambushing most of the science funding of the European Union, thus, destroying the fabric of thinking when it comes to science in the European Union.

When ruminating over what might be the reason for such mighty resistance to truth, as I am experiencing for quite some time, one cannot help but think that, in addition to the vested interests, which are ready to go to great lengths, even at the expense of morals and integrity, in defense of the status quo at any rate, at play is also the unscrupulous propaganda-conditioning of society, not only that what is pronounced as science nowadays is already settled, but that it is otherworldly. Thus, those who symbolize that surrogate, ill-pronounced as science, are held in a special, separate league from all the rest of the scientists. Almost everyone has heard about Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, Planck. They are put in some special category of genius, turned into household names, which separates them from the rest of the discoverers. Discoverers such as Ohm, Faraday, Ampere are perceived as also good but they are not thought of as outstanding, as exceptional.

The standing of the first group is made so fixed and invincible that any criticism of their work is perceived as nothing less than nuttiness. If one puts on a balance the first group and the second group, the former group wins hands down the competition for the societal perception of firmness of their place in science. The common discoverers, outside of those dealing with the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, are allowed in the societal mind to be potentially wrong, and no one would object if one is willing to give legitimate arguments proving that. The former group, however, is immune to such liberty. It is turned into a marble monument that cannot be changed. This must change.

Absurdity, nonsense, must be given no chance by the European Union, the way the European Union gives no chance to astrology and clairvoyance, never considering or calling them science, let alone dedicate funding for their upkeep. Governing Europe with integrity mandates that every single European be informed about the existing mockery of their intelligence and the ways to deal away with it. Continuing to keep the truth about the travesty of science controlling Europe away from the peoples of Europe, preventing the taxpayer of Europe from knowing it, is nothing short of intellectual crime, committed by those who rule Europe. I have prepared a signal to the Chief Prosecutor of the European Union Laura Kodruta Kovesi, regarding also the misappropriation of European taxpayer funds, which accompanies the intellectual damage this pathology, falsely called science, incurs to Europe. The signal to the EU Prosecutor General is in the form of an open letter (cf. link ) for the lack of contact information.

As a first step, to solve the sticky problem of nonsense, controlling intellectually the European Union, I have put some effort to define, as succinctly and rigorously as possible, a sentence which the European Union must include in its legislation. The sentence reads:

``No science project, which is a candidate for public funding, shall contain the Lorentz transformations in any way, shape or form.''

Maybe the above is not exactly what you want to hear but this is the scientific truth and before the scientific truth even the gods are silent, as the saying goes.

Therefore, I urge you to do your best, so the above sentence is included in the legislation of the European Union.

Best regards.


Vesselin C. Noninski, PhD
149 West 12th Street
New York, NY 10011