The problem about which I am sending a signal to the EU Chief Prosecutor Kovesi concerns massive misspending of European public funds on absurdities falsely presented as science, which deprives real science and other needs of the European Union from funding. This problem has been the subject of my numerous publications publicly available for over a decade, as well as a number of my press conferences. Letters on the matter, addressed directly to the European Union, were also sent. Unfortunately, the European Union has entirely ignored my concern, based on the arguments I am presenting, and did not even answer my letters. I am resorting to sending the signal to the EU Chief Prosecutor Kovesi in the form of an open letter because there does not appear to be a direct way of contacting her.

The problem at hand urgently concerns every citizen of the European Union, as well as anyone else in the world. It is a major threat not only to our well-being but to our very existence. Aside from draining and wasting billions of taxpayer euro on absurdities falsely portrayed as science, the damage from the institutionalized confusion, on a large scale, of basic notions such as time and space not only misdirects society intellectually, plunging it into ``scientifically'' justified inadequacy, already seen to appear even in the legislation of the European Union, but also threatens the very existence of civilization by making it academically acceptable to disregard the reality of truth and making even a nuclear war unimportant as a fact, thus making it psychologically and intellectually acceptable, if not insignificant. Such an intellectual state of society is quite obviously more dangerous for the integrity of the world than any perceived danger to the world by anthropogenic climate change, if the uncertainties of its reality were at all non-existent.

Human civilization is based on maintaining reason, logic and the scientific method, categorically disallowing absurdities and nonsense to portray itself as science, as is the case today in the European Union. Violation of reason, as seen in the pathological science, funded by the European Union with billions of euro, is a threat to none other but the civilization itself. Therefore, scientific research cannot be free of constraint, as Article 13 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union maintains. Article 13 is an example of the ruinous effect of the pathological science sustained by the European Union, infiltrating adversely already even its legislation.

As a first step to amend this disastrous situation, whereby the fraud is portrayed as science, is to stop the public financing by the European Union of this so-called science, fraudulently portraying absurdities and nonsense as great achievements of the human mind.

Open Letter
Laura Kodruta Kovesi,
Chief Prosecutor of the European Union

Dear EU Chief Prosecutor Kovesi,

This letter is a signal to you as the Head of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the European Union, requesting an independent investigation (excluding the corrupt peer-review by the so-called experts appointed by academia, which should itself be the subject of this investigation) into the wasteful spending of billions of taxpayer euro on absurdities falsely and fraudulently presented as science. This problem is directly connected with ill-spending and outright misappropriation of euro-funds and therefore seems should be of interest to you as the Chief Public Prosecutor.

In sending this request, I should note immediately that the establishment of the truth in this concrete investigation is impossible if those who undertake it do not make the personal effort to understand at the very beginning of the investigation that anything connected with the so-called Lorentz transformations is an absurdity. I am available to assist in this understanding (for your information, I held on 29 October, 2019, a press conference at the Press Club Brussels Europe on this topic, cf. link.) The specialized term ``Lorentz transformations'' may sound too unusual and difficult at first glance, but in fact, it is not only easy to understand, but is the gist of the major part of the massive funding fraud deviously being passed as the funding of scientific research in the European Union. Nevertheless, if it is felt that understanding that sorry state of public funding of science in the European Union should pose an additional effort, which one might feel hesitant to undertake, it must be pointed out that such an effort is well worth it, given that billions of taxpayer euro are at stake if this effort is not undertaken.

Refusal to understand the problem at hand personally, and delegating the analysis in question to the corrupt peer-review of the so-called ``experts'', all of which, without exception, represent vested interests, would mean to allow the fox to guard the chicken coop. Delegating assessment of the problem to the intrinsically bogus so-called ``experts'', instead of exerting personal effort to understand in what absurdity the European Union is being entrapped to fund, which is being elevated as a major public science policy, means to readily agree that the massive squandering of taxpayer euro should continue unabated. Sparing a really insignificant, although unusual, effort to understand the root of the evil, is a small price to pay.

The myth that this staunchly entrenched trivial absurdity, presented as science, which is actually easy to understand, although it is presented as if having some incredible impenetrable depth, is used to scare off critics. This deception has allowed this fraud to persist for over a century.

In this letter, I am not discussing the stymying of criticism, conveniently disguised as peer-review. Peer-review is a more general topic, which deserves special separate attention.

Furthermore, no matter whether or not peer-review is flawed as a system of assessment in science, the assessment by the Chief Public Prosecutor of the European Union as an independent arbiter, supersedes any possible peer-review in this specific case, whereby the argument is both of substantial social significance and has allowed itself to be translated into a form understandable by parties who do not practice science, while retaining the rigor required for conclusive determinations.

This letter is also not a complaint about curbing my personal freedom of expression, although the harm I am suffering is unbearable. The falsity of a negative peer-review regarding this issue, if at all available because peer-review of this discovery is typically even denied, can only be determined if a Public Prosecutor of the European Union himself or herself determines personally the fact that everything connected with the Lorentz transformations is absurdity. I have specially made an effort to prepare a succinct yet rigorous argument, which may assist the Public Prosecutor of the European Union in this effort.

Of course, scientific disputes in general should not be resolved outside of academia. Most questions of science require years of systematic study and analysis. However, there are major questions which not only affect the fundamentals of thinking of everyone, but sometimes, although very rarely, as in the case at hand, can be translated succinctly for a wider audience to comprehend them rigorously, especially when it concerns every taxpayer's pocketbook. It is crucial for society at large, also in its capacity of being the sponsor of funding public science policies, to have correct understanding of such basic notions as time, space and motion. At present, these notions are botched at the professional scientific level, and that allows an organized group of swindlers to extract undeservedly billions of euro from the unsuspecting taxpayer under the guise of ``big'' science, causing not only momentous financial, but also incalculable intellectual damage to societies.

Understanding of this problem is the beginning of unraveling of the absurd state of contemporary fake ``big'' science, used to extract deceitfully billions of euro from the mentioned unsuspecting taxpayer.

I have been trying for quite some time to attract the attention both of the European Union and the USA to the fact that easily and unequivocally demonstrable absurdities have overtaken the funding potentialities of the civilized world, and have replaced the sane comprehension of science as a human activity, characterized in the first place by being free from absurdities.

Thus, although Article 13 of the Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union reads that ``scientific research shall be free of constraint'', it is out of the question that this should mean that the funding agencies are free to spend billions of euro, as they do at present, on scientific research exploring in effect whether or not one can be equal to two, as well as all kinds of progeny stemming from such absurdity.

Allowing the support of such travesty of science to persist, whereby absurdities are ridiculously treated as some high achievements of the human mind, is abuse of democracy and a threat to civilization itself. European way of life has at its basis the scientific method, and destroying it by allowing absurdities to govern publicly funded science is destroying the European Union more than anything else, including the latest dissipative political events, as well as any tumult industrialization or any other anthropogenic effect might cause to the world. Importantly, fumbled basic notions of science, as they are now, are the prerequisites of further troubles in all major aspects which form the governing agenda of the day. If basic tendencies in science funding are not straightened out, especially ridding them of absurdities, there will be no end to the problems, no matter what partial policies the European Union attempts to implement. Therefore, correcting of the public science policies, making them free of funding absurdities, must take priority and become the main agenda of the societies in the European Union, replacing all else as the current governing agenda, which is more or less derivative from this main problem. This travesty of science can only persist due to money spent for it. Therefore, stop the money and the taxpayer will be saved from paying for his or her own financial waste and intellectual destruction.


Vesselin C. Noninski, PhD
149 West 12th Street
New York, NY 10011